Getting started is easier than you might think. Here's how we'll work together.

Mechanical design: 

Creation and prototyping of the mechanism and technology within your product.

Electrical and electronic design

Design and Implementation of electronics and electrical technology to bring products to life.

CAD modeling:  

SolidWorks drawing and modeling, preparing prototypes and products of any size for production.

Plastic parts design and material selection:

Plastic is cost efficient, resilient, and often recyclable. We will mock up, design, and put into production the plastic parts for your product.

Prototype development: ​

Every great idea starts with a prototype. We will design your product and create a tangible prototype that you can take to investors and prospective customer meetings.

Mechanical and Electrical Design

Production and

Process Development

Continuous improvement: 

Every product can be made to have better performance, to be made faster, or to be made at a lower cost. We have experience with Toyota Production System and are Six Sigma certified, which enables us to optimize production environments and processes to create the best products at the best price.

Product validation testing: 

Product validation testing ensures that your product will be eligible to be sold on the open market. All industries and products require specific tests of the products  developed for their industry. We will help you make sure that your product passes these often stringent standards. 

Quality systems design and implementation:

Quality is important to protect yourself and your customers from harm. Quality systems are required for any organizations developing a product or service. We will develop quality checkpoints, processes, and ensure that your suppliers adhere to these standards as well. These quality systems include - ISO, TS, QS, and AS.

Continuous Improvement and

Product Testing

Review our variety of mechanical design and development services.

​Production equipment fabrication coordination:  

Your product is unique. It may need special

equipment created in order to manufacture it. Product equipment development is key to creating efficient production processes.

Supplier evaluation and coordination:   

Putting your product into production will require selection of components and materials. We will evaluate suppliers and ensure that they have the right quality control systems and processes in place.

Manufacturing process development and review: 

You may not know it, but manufacturing processes can be the key to increasing the margin in your business. Proper evaluation of your manufacturing processes can improve your margin and ensure cost efficiency of your product.



Step 1:

Concepting and Evaluation

Step 2: 

Drafting of Design and Processes

Step 3: 

Enter and complete Production!

Detailed product design: 

Technical analysis, modeling, and drawings needed to start production.

Design for manufacturing analysis:

Thinking ahead about how you'll manufacture the product, and what materials you'll use is designed to save you money in the long run.

Design for assembly:

We will minimize opportunities for error in the assembly process. This is called Pokeoke in Japan. This means " fool proofing".

Manufacturing methods:

We will identify and design for the ideal manufacturing method.


Prototyping: ​

Creation of functional products for pre-tooling and pre-production evaluation. These will help us identify other ways to minimize tooling and decrease costs in production.

Final design: 

Wrapping up everything we've learned about design, costs, and optimization before production.



Finalize the product and it's purpose to the end user.

IP and market research:

Verify that it is possible to obtain trademarks and patents.



Definition of the product's performance requirements and capabilities.

Manufacturing/process tooling:

Selection of final tooling methods and communication of the right production information. We will deliver and choose the right ones for the best value.

Supplier sourcing and qualification: You want the right suppliers to create your parts and the assembly process. We will help you identify the right company to control and implement your production.


First part development:   

Management of creation of the actual product that will roll off the assembly line and into your customers' homes.

Validation testing: 

We will confirm that this first part is the proper part for your business to sell to your customers. 

Final production: 

Oversight of production processes. This will ensure that the final product will be of high quality, meeting industry standards.