Our Business

Product Design and Development is a group of words that covers a broad range of topics. In simple terms it encompasses all of the work and knowledge that takes a product from an idea to a realized product. In that bucket of work are such things as design, production processes, manufacturing methods, supplier sourcing, prototyping and product testing.

We've done it and can get it done for you. We can start at any stage of the process. If needed we can put you directly in touch with other experts such as IP professionals or suppliers in the US and overseas.

Our primary focus is on providing you with a cost effective and bulletproof solution in a timely manner. We do that by maintaining flexibility and having a large stable of technical experts available. If a specific skill or background is needed for your project, we probably have it on tap.


Who We Are

John Herrick worked in industry for nearly 30 years as an engineer. His most recent position in industry was as the Chief Engineer for a company which designs and manufactures electro-mechanical products for the transportation industry. Since leaving that position he has been involved in projects involving unmanned aerial vehicles, pheromone product production, outdoor products, landscape irrigation, joysticks, production machine design and fabrication, solar energy, gardening, golf training, machine tools and a list of others.

John has a degree in engineering, an MBA and is a ceritified six sigma black belt. He has patents awarded and pending for a number of electro-mechanical devices. He has worked in lean manufacturing environments and been involved in the implementation of quality systems. He currently writes articles for the Cascade Business News, is on the board of directors of Inventors Northwest and is a member of the Product Development and Management Association.